Chinese New Year 2014 Calendar

Chinese New Year 2014 CalendarChinese New Year is just a few days away from today, its like going to make arrival very soon.

We have already written about a lot of things that are related to the chinese new year, you can head back to the homepage and check out everything that we’ve posted.

Chinese New Year 2014 Calendar

2009 2009-01-26 Ox (2009-01-26—2010-02-14)
2010 2010-02-14 Tiger (2010-02-14—2011-02-03)
2011 2011-02-03 Rabbit (2011-02-03—2012-01-23)
2012 2012-01-23 Dragon (2012-01-23—2013-02-10)
2013 2013-02-10 Snake (2013-02-10—2014-01-31)
2014 2014-01-31 Horse (2014-01-31—2015-02-18)
2015 2015-02-18 Sheep (2015-02-18—2016-02-08)

The next year it is going to be Sheep, we have highlighted the coming year’s animal sign for the year 2014 that is Horse.


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